Moveel Fuel delivers quality refined petroleum products through out southern California and other areas.
MoveelFuel helps hundreds of different industrial and commercial customers.

We bring you efficiency-oriented service, industry-leading solutions and best quality fuel at the best price .

Our fuel delivery network has a wide coverage, reliability and responsiveness for delivering the fuel exactly when you need it.
We can accommodate deliveries from
7 500
gallons of petroleum products.
With the demand placed upon today’s market to provide cost efficient products and services while complying with ever more demanding regulations has become an integral part of fleet management.

Our clients are well aware that time is money. To save your time and your expenses, our company offers you a mobile refueling service: we deliver fuel to any place and at any time.
Our fuel storage solutions will help your company stay operational regardless of any emergency situations.

Our fuel tanks will provide you with fuel at the most necessary moment. Our solutions will help you save time and costs for additional fuel supplies, and our monitoring capabilities guarantee your fleet uninterrupted operation.
MoveelFuel Tank Solutions
  • Eliminate non-productive labor related to fueling vehicles and equipments
  • Eliminate the hazards and hassles of maintaining under ground storage tanks
  • Increase the productivity and profitability of your business
  • Improved asset allocation
  • Eliminate environmental issues related to under ground storage tanks
  • Eliminate fuel use fraud
  • 24/7/365 service